I wanted you to know some of my background and why I started this business.  I have two degrees in business and I have also been a medical assistant for a surgeon and two internists.

In both California and Arizona I have held Real Estate licenses. While working in the Real Estate field, I was in Sales and also a Corporate Escrow Coordinator.

After I retired from the corporate world, I started a custom jewelry design business that is my pride and joy 17 years later. I still love to start from scratch and finish with a beautiful piece of jewelry.

While attending a family reunion in Idaho, I realized something was dreadfully wrong with my father. He was not acting like himself at all and the other family members noticed the difference too. I started taking notes, asking questions, and observing. I ended up doing an

intervention in the middle of the reunion. We were all in RV's with pets and a lot of personal belongings.  We ended up flying home to southern California.  I am still grateful for all the family and friends that helped me that day!  That was the beginning of my caregiving journey.

I cared for my parents until they passed away in 2016, 10 days apart. That intervention was in

2004.  I figure I had done something right over the years! I am an only child and I had to

figure this caregiving job out by myself.  When I took my parents to their doctor appointments,

I always wondered how many other caregivers were on the same journey.  Are they reinventing

the wheel too?

I feel that caring for my parents has used all of my business and personal skills. So, I started Tucson Elder Care 101, LLC to share my knowledge with you.